Client by client, member by member,

you have successfully created a community that uses your products and/or services.

ATIS NETWORK allows you to increase your visibility and direct interactions with your business contacts free of charge by creating a community space customised to your needs and those of your customers.

Showcase website

  • Presentation of services

  • Promote prospecting and referencing


Once the prospect has been transformed into a customer, there are not many interactions possible via the company’s showcase website

Atis network allows self-employed people to manage their customer community

Atis network is also a simplified intranet

Community aspect

  • Identification of members

  • Targeted interaction with each member

  • Interaction between members

  • Direct communication channel

  • Measurement feedback when an activity is posted

  • Creation of a cost-free community space. It is communities’ customers who pay


  • Provision of tools from large companies to SMEs at a competitive price

  • Creation of intra-community spaces

They already use the Atis Network

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For now, Atis Network is only available in Belgium .. But don’t worry ! We are currently developing in different countries so that the whole world can benefit of our platform. Being part of the Atis community will be very soon possible!

Please leave us your email address and we will be happy to inform you of our official opening in your country. If you have other questions, you can always contact us via the little bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

See you soon on our platform!
Team Atis